Does medicare cover lap band procedure?

To what extent does Medicare cover lap band procedure?

What are the eligibility criteria for this procedure?

Who approves Medicare insurance to low income people?

How does weight loss surgery covered by Medicare?

Medicare for lap band procedure covers only those people who have cleared the eligibility criteria and also whose income is less. Itís a health insurance program which is federally funded and one has to fulfill the norms under the regulation of social security act. The qualifying age of Medicare is more than 65 years and the person should be an obese patient. It should be totally administered by department of Health and Human services (HHS). Eligible candidate of Medicare should posses their BMI more than 35 and their body should contain high morbidity rate. As itís not pre-authorized, certain requirements are to be fulfilled. The advantage of Medicare should be taken when the patient reaches its obesity and also when complications related to that increases.

Medicare also covers cost and insurance program given to qualified candidates. It also pays for lap band procedure by providing them the facilities for losing bodyís extra weight. The cost related to Medicare is $25,000 and it can increase to double if there is any risky factor. Itís an important factor and plays a significant role in weight loss surgery. Patients are insured if their financial condition is not good. They pay for every requirement needed by an obese patient. Sometimes Medicare has to meet the financial assistance fully to cover lap band surgery. Medicare for lap band procedure helps in achieving the patientís goal related to their weight. The patient should have a complete knowledge of previous attempts made for weight loss surgery.

Medicare for lap band procedure must be approved by ďCentre of ExcellenceĒ for weight loss surgery. The services and facilities provided by Medicare come under the guidance of American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric surgery. It covers almost 80% of the cost and if a person has Medicare Advantage Plan then the surgery is covered depends upon the patient plan. Surgeon will perform the surgery and costs Medicare and if it is unable to pay then one can appeal to it. The Health Insurance Company reviews each and every case and if the patient is applicable then only it approves an obese patient for Lap band surgery.