Lap Band medicare: An insurance program

How do Medicare supports lap band surgery?

What are the criteria used by Medicare to cover lap band surgery?

What are the Medicaid and Medicare options available for lap band surgery patients?

What are the guidelines of Medicare for lap band surgery?

Lap band Medicare is an insurance program available mainly to people who are older than 65 years of age but people who are under 65 have to clear the disabilities. Lap band Medicare is administered by CMS (centre of Medicare and Medicaid services which is a part of United States department of HHS (health and human services). Higher obesity or morbid is one of the qualifying disability which comes under the act of social security. It�s a health insurance program which had been formed for low income people. It provides health services and care for the qualifying people.

Lap band Medicare eligibility depends upon factors such as low income, citizenship, disabilities and many other resources. The Medicare coverage depends upon the state from which he/she belongs. The Lap band Medicare depends upon the procedures which should be approved by an expert. The requirements of Medicare coverage came into effect on 15th Feb, 2006. Like many other insurance program the Medicare patients have to make a co-payment even if they qualify the disability criteria given by HHS or CMS. They pay for weight loss surgery and Medicare are pre-authorized to fulfill the requirements needed for surgery coverage.

Lap band Medicare is mainly beneficial to the qualified patients whose BMI (body mass index) is greater than 35 and are not successful in loosing weight by previous weight loss techniques. According to American College of Surgeons (ACS), certain criteria to be followed for patient security. Alls Physicians are not the providers of Medicare services. People having low income can qualify the disability criteria for the Medicaid programs approved by HHS. It�s not automatic but it should be reviewed by the patient only.

Lap band surgery is one of the most invasive and adaptable gastric band surgeries. The patient should have a renowned record of previous attempts made for weight loss surgery and doesn�t have any weight related problems such as diabetes, sleep apnea and hyper-tension. Lap band Medicare covers almost 80% of the cost related to surgery. Pre-approval of lap band surgery is not required by the Medicare. You can request if Medicare does not pay for it.